Agency work, without the ta-da

While there may be a scenario where this approach isn’t ideal, I appreciated these quotes (respectively) from Highdive’s co-founders and co-chief creative officers Chad Brodie and Mark Gross, published in the current CommArts:

[Chief marketing officers] like to work with us because we’re very keen on removing the ‘ta-da’ movement. Traditionally, an agency would get briefed, go away for a while and come back with one shiny campaign. That’s not our style at all. We like to bring our clients in early and often. We leverage their expertise, they’re brand experts who live and breathe the brand 24/7. We aren’t going to pretend like we understand their brand better than they do. We keep them in the process every step of the way.

When clients come in for a creative presentation, we’ll have the entire strategy laid out on the wall. It’s very much a work session, and that leads into the work.

Stephen Schenkenberg @schenkenberg